The Massage

by ioi_5150

Stripping the clothes off of your chocolate body
rubbing my hands along your firmness,
Caressing your arms...
rubbing your back and kissing your neck
while "I" express my love we are so intact.

Knowing what the other likes
and reading one another's minds,
Feeling your body touching mines as you and I vibe....

Pouring warm oil onto your chocolate tye
Glazing you up with my soft touch,
Licking you here and licking you there
turning you over and stroking you
in a slow motion to

Warm oil in hand now feeling the moisture as you begin to rise,
Stripping out of my bottoms as I welcome you inside...
Feelig my warm thickness on top of you so wet and sensual,
You need this as I become apart of you.

Riding and fulfilling your every need as we begin to lay low,
massaging my ass as you begin to jab
now digging deep as you feel my purity's.
Overflowing with and eruption,
A combustion of desires completing what we both need.

An erotic pleasure in the middle of the night
relieving all stress and pressure,
With a massage...that brought us together.

The Massage by ioi_5150

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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