Unanswered Questions

by Innner Rumblings

  I honor the Creator for life. 
  I really do.
  Yet I wonder sometimes.
  I wonder what God was really thinking about
  when He decided to place us on this journey called life.
  I mean, He has given us the essentials, don't get me wrong.
  But yet there are so many questions that I yet have.
  These things used to bother me,
  almost to the point of making me feel smothered.
  Yet, He has now taken the time to let me know
  that I don't have to know everything in order to trust Him.
  I'm no exception to the rule...
  I'm in the same ball game as everybody else.
  I know there are others out there just like me,
  but my advice to you is this:
  Let God be God.
  Remember that, "Everything is Everything."
  One of these days the mystery will unfold.
  Think about that.

Unanswered Questions by Inner Rumblings

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