The Infamous Black Populace

by The Infinite Expressionist

My people if you will,
let it be allowed that I cut this flow
enlighten your mind
and open your eyes to some things you may
or may not know.

You see we have fallen victim to the wrath of
and cultural reduction,
fallen under 
the spell
of drug and money

Our women are everyday faced 
with disrespect
as our children 
with neglect.

When will we take joy against the pain
and rise against the rain?

When you walk down the streets of the ghetto
what is it that you see?
I'll tell you what I see,
I see:
Broken down houses
deliquent children,
abusive spouses,
wounded souls,
dressed in short mimi skirts.
Sex fanatics
and out of control
crack addicts
so strung out, that they
bethink the difference between
sanity and insanity.

Cries and tears,
possessed by their fears.
Dreams of fame, thinking that fame
is the only way out of
the game;

Who's to blame for this sad sad sob story
of no glory?

When will prosperity knock at our door
to save us from this cold world war?
Kats thinks it's worth it scheme
They haven't seen what I've seen
they think they know without knowing
but they can't go where I'm going.

Messing each other over
for dreams of Range Rovers
thinkin' that they're all soldiers
but the real war, the real war is in within.

When will it end?

Never that's when
because it has not begun but
about to begin
we're on the count down to ten


My people get the vibe

Can't you see, that kowledge is the key,

I'm not criticizing
I'm merely emphasizing
the need we have for alterations
instead of

Two put your minds the proper stations
incease the population
multipling the BLACK Nations
and subtract playa hatin'

As we all become 


The Infamous Black Populace by The Infinite Expressionist

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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