Without You

by Ilicia Quinn

Wishing upon wishing
You were here with me now
Wondering how I can ever go on without you
Especially nights late and long
When self-inflicted love
Eases inside creased memories
Glides in and out my abyss
With creamy white fingertips

Hips riding phantom shadows
Reminescent of your blackness
Leaving my eyes misty as morning-kissed meadows
And my mind spins through madness
Leaping into a sea of thick deep heartbeats
Savoring the tide of ecstacy 
Before it becomes stagnant and cold
And I know now if I never knew before
That I can't go on without you

Because I still dream reels of snap shot 
Meals you had with
Me lying on my back
Elegantly reading poetry
Audibly foreign to some if heard
But native to you as slow muffled moaning

Until I come to you
Harder than I ever have before
From what feels like 1000 selfish serpents speaking
Sinking into the center of a golden sunrise
As heatwaves settle over your head
You see my vertical rose horizon
melt right before your very eyes

And then, right at this very moment
I know now more than ever before 
I can't go on without you!

Without You by Ilicia Quinn

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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