Wake Up, Wise Up Hell isn't Just Up n Here

by Hozy Whitehead

As I sat here behind this big ugly wall today. I realize that "Obedience is better than Sacrifice" True to the fullest. Disobedient, Uneaglly Yoked and a few other things landed me here. There was a time when education for the Black race was impossible. Now education is one of the hardest things to get our young people to respect. When I speak today it isn't saying All Black People.

As I write these words today I give God praise and thanks for my two biological daughters and the mothers they have. One I was blessed to be in her life most of it, the other I haven't had the opportunity to spend even one day will. See I didn't know she existed until right before I was sent here to Big Muddy Rivers a max prison for criminals. Not once had I ever been picked up, or locked up, until the woman I loved, trusted and kissed but decided her way or no way. Long ugly story, for another time.

The Bible tells us that "They will shrink from nothing, however hard or presumptuous, which they may wish to accomplish; so that the evil already in the world will be Fearfully Increased and its diffusion accelerated, by this ungodly association, unless means are taken for its immediate dissolution." Today is like that of the Babylonians who had much knowledge. And tried to defy God by building a tower to Heaven. But their evils had also multiplied greatly. And God knew their sins would only get worse if this knowledge explosion continued. So He, God intervened to slow down the acceleration of evil. Sometimes I wonder am I here to save my life, or my wife Tracy's life. Because things had gotten pretty heated and we were standing at the threshold of divoce which she was hearing nothing of.

It is no lie that as I look around me here at Big Muddy Rivers I can see that those of us behind this wall are no different than those outside the wall, for they too are reliving that same history today as we the supposed bound man are living, except that God has yet to intervene. The awesome amount of knowledge man has produced, especially in the last centrury, makes the head spin. But it has not solved the problems of this world. In fact, our problems have only gotten worse. Since the beginning of time man has misused knowledge.

For the Blackman, Knowledge was kept away from intentionally. As we all know during the time of Slavery the White Masters withheld knowledge from the Negroes by telling them that God created them as subhuman beings created to serve the higher creation. Unto this day the man of color are yet retained from education is certain parts of the world, while in American those that are free to learn to study and increase knowledge which is freely given by God as well as the govenment. Instead young intelligent, strong black men and men of color resist authority and rather stand on corners, sale drugs, kill each other and fill the prisons. When I say these things I am not speaking of all Black People or people of color.

Most young people become sexually active before they reach 15. And each year, one out of 10 teenagers contracts a sexually transmitted disease. Almost a million teenagers in the U.S. become pregnant each year. Just over half of these pregnancies end in births, about one third in abortion, and the rest in miscarriage. No amount of modern sexual education seems to be curbing these alarming statistics. Mama once said "sex got you here and sex is taking millions out". I was a young man back then, but I yet rememeber some of the things I thought as stupid and ugly back then but now here I am. Here we are.

Thousands are killed and murdered every year. And I am not speaking of just the wars and accidents. The Blood of our children and love ones are crying out to the Lord. We Americans are some of the richest nations in the world and we can't stop the killing. The news are filled with those in leadership such as dirty government workers whom daily abuse those of us who have trusted them with out lives and votes. There are more books than we will ever be able to read or attempt to read. All of this knowledge. All of these unhappy, miserable, violent conditiions are not only happening but are being revealed and taught to our children everyday. The knowledge I have gained here in Big Muddy would take years to write or even tell about. There is much knowledge in here as in all prisons. Sadly most will never come to hear or care to hear about. There are very few dummies up in here. Most has rejected society ad society thinks they have rejected them.

Many scientists have inisisted that the solution to all of the problems of society could be found if only we were given sufficent knowledge. It seems the great educators and politicians of the day still cling to such faulty logic. It is time for the great minds of this day to face facts. World evils are increasing as fast as knowledge. The fact is, every effect has one or more causes. So what is the cause of the unhappy, conditions found in society today? I sat here and think of all the prisons being built, do man truly think this is the solution, lock them up, take them out and the world would get better, or is it an open form of commodity? My big brother Lionel once said we are nothing but slaughter, and jobs providers and I believe him now, seeing and hearing the reasons and cause of so many young men up in here. So many of them should have never seen the inside of a jail, yet here they are in prison. Serving big time. Cases should have been thrown out.

There are two kinds of knowledge. Good and evil. "That does not necessarily mean that the knowledge being produced do not cure existing evils or prevent new evils" Yes there are two kinds of knowledge true and false. right and wrong Good and Evil. In pursuit of knowledge man has used one source. Great minds are cut off from spirutal knowledge. modern education began on a false, basic premise, for that reason, it has become almost entirely materialistic. No money, no honey. Bartering is a thing of the past. Long past. The Justice system sells its people out daily. There is no little heart in the system if any at all. Power is money, and money is power in the world of man. Everyone has forgotten God or have sold out to god.

When we turn to the Book of Romans, starting at Romans 1 also identifies this missing dimension in education, starting at verse 18 says, "for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the Truth in unrighteousness." Here God says carnal men have suppressed His truth. Then God goes on to tell us that Romans 1:19 says "Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them."

God has already shown man what is missing from his pursuit of knowledge. "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse" vs 20. God is an invisible spirit. John 4:24. But the works of His hands are there for all to see in His creation. If we will just open our eyes. Man, however, has been blinded, 2 Cointhians 4:4. The Word tells us that "For although they knew God they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking and their senseless minds were darkened" vs 21.

The people are not only ignoring the most important knowledge about who and what God is, they seem not to want to know. They are willingly in ignorance of this most important knowledge and relationship possible in human life. Man has acquired enornous amounts of knowledge, but he has rejected the knowledge that is most important the revelation of who and what is God, and what is His purpose for man. That is why God reveals the "wise" of this world as Fools verse 22; Psalm 14:1 and 1 Cor. 3:19.

Because of man's rejection of revealed knowledge, God is simply allowing human nature to run its couse. "And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind meaning a mind void of judgment, a worthless mind, to do those things which are not convenient for lawful" Romans 1:28. Man's accumulation of knowledge today does not retain God's knowledge. Paul then describes the end result of this godess pursuit of knowledge a world that is absolutely filled with unrighteousness, with every imagined evil vs 29-32.

Concerning education's role in rejeting God's knowledge. little or nothing is taught about God, but even in the elementary grades the basic concept the approach to knowledge is evolution. "Is it any wonder, then, that the scholarly do not know who or what God is They believe what they have been taught" Man's system of education, with its vast accumlation of knowledge, at best is incomplete. It's like a massive structure built without a foundation.

Without children being born the world will be doomed any way. No matter how the system lock up men and women and build prisons, man and man, woman and woman can not produce a child. The prisons and it's justice system produces criminals faster then any one boy or girl can ever. Not only does the system produce homosexuals, and lesibans, but it produce killers, rapists, and much more.

God did not create the prison for man. He created it for satan and his followrs. Believe me, it's purpose is over flowing as satan bring them in. With out procreation the end will come. Some of the judges belong behind bars more then most of the immates that fills these walls. So much innocence is here, Why? Because of the need of power and to place god in anothers life. I am not perfect, nor did I earn this robbery of my life. God blessed me with 34 years of freedom, to never see the inside of a pris on or jail, and a lie and a dirty judge stole my life. I know it might be wrong in the eyes of the body of Christ, but I pray that one day we cross pass again, up in here, yes up in here. To many men are up in here destinated for life by this man holding so much power over their lives. Mama said "Power in the hands of fools are dangerous". At last I understand almost to late. I know one day I am going home, but question is will my family be there. Since coming here I have found I truly had not many fri ends.

The prison is filled with men that have no children, have never had any children, have never had a woman, and do not know the pleasure of being with a woman, I am also sure it's that way in the female prison. Looking around me daily not only do I see death, feel death and can taste dead but she sleeps all over the place doing the day and lie awake and alert at night, waiting for the lights to go out. "O death where is thou stink?" Up in Here, Up in Here. Education, Respect, Honor and Pride works hand in hand even up in here.

Wake Up, Wise Up Hell isn't Just Up n Here by Hozy Whitehead

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