An Unjust System of Corruption

by Hozy Whitehead-M17900

False conviction, fills the courts, dirty judges set on the seat, there are literally hundreds of innocent blacks waiting behind these walls that will never see the light of day. I sat in the window watching as prison buses carry groves of men away, innocent or guilty they are treated the same as the devil have his way as this field day. Oh yes he's rejoicing due to this collecting the lives of innocent men and women.

African Americans families and communities are destroyed, while productive men and women, boys and girls turned into hardened criminals forced to survive in conditions amounting to slavery or even worst. I am only one of trillions, locked up like animals. I like so many are Prisoners of a corrupted society. Prisons outside of God. Prisons are a terrible place where mental retardation is born, illness of the mind and soul created, and a nightmare of terror that did not previously exist, where sexual disease non- consensuals and consensual and other diseases is spread without proper protection due to uncleanness, rapes of unbelief where young innocent virtuous girls and boys become infected, can't protect themselves, where families are obliterated by a system determined to create a generation of lost children for hire into the system. stolen is a much better word. See money is the dividing line between receiving justice crimes and juveniles being sent away for life. It is much too much to bear.

An Unjust System of Corruption by Hozy Whitehead-M17900

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