Lord KEEP My Children

by Hozy Whitehead

"Seed of my seeds, God of my God protect them and keep them, Anoint them, appoint them into all truth and righteousness, no matter what surrounds them, bless them with the Spirit of Obedient unto their parents and high calling of those in the Lord. Bless them with the gift of Discernment to not only know the difference in the truth from a lie, and apply it in their own lives. In the absent of me their earthly father Your son, Hozy Germane, O Lord I ask You to encamp positive angels as role models into their lives at all times. Allow them to be leaders and not followers, into all that is good and upright. Allow their hearts strong, powerful, encouragement that is provided by the Spiritual Warfare of Salvation as all that meet them will know whom they are and whom they belong to. It is in You O Lord I entrust all of my children. And It is in You that I stand in the gap asking and decreeing Righteous living for them as I have signed and given my mother the Reverend Catherine Whitehead the power of authority signed and notarized in my stand of these two children as their father, with no disrespect unto their mothers.

Bless O Lord their coming, and bless their going. Bless all that comes in contact with them, as their light grow and spread unto Your people. Thank You for anointing them, and appointing them. Thank You for loaning them to us for a little while. Help O Lord that they might always hold their heads high with respect and not with selfish, foolish ego, and pride, but with Love, and Honor in all their doing. These things I ask and Decree in Christ Jesus my Lord, my Savior the one that Holds my Soul. As the Blood pour upon them this day I step back with the knowledge and the assurance of Love, peace and salvation for my young ladies. Seed of my seed, bone of my bone gifts of the Eternal God. Your Loving son, Hozy Germane Whitehead. Amen! 03-27-09

Note from author: I am presently behind the wall, 6 hours away from my children and family. I have nothing to offer other than my love and prayer, and the faith to believe that God is the God of truth and righteousness and He's heard my cry and taught me to decree what it is that I desire. I desire above all that my children, receive Salvation, protection, love and to know how much I love them and I have harmed no child nor will I ever harm a child. Mia, Ayanna and Nicholas I love you.

Lord KEEP My Children by Hozy Whitehead

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