by Hozy-Whitehead-M17900

September 26, 2013

Dear Father, Jehovah God,

I come this day in prayer asking You to forgive me for all of my sins, known and unknown. Thank You for watching over me in this place and keeping me with my sanity, waking me up to Truth and what Truth truly means. This morning I come asking You to plead my case As You are the Son and the Son is You, that I might be given another chance at life, while yet here on earth. outside of these walls that detain me. I want to be committed solely to the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting in Him alone for my salvation and blessing.

Father I believe Your Word that Jesus Christ alone has all power over evil, and all power to bless me, protect me, and give me a glorious future. I am standing on the fact that Christ my Savior is bringing me home from this place of torment and hell safe, and will a mind to move forward never to return here again, or any place pertaining to this place of horror. This place that I have called home for years now, You are moving me back into a society where freedom of speech and living among normal people, is my due right as it is to all of Your children. I ask You to open the hearts of those that placed me here so that I can come home to my family. O Lord my God, the system placed me here believing I destroyed my adopted family, Lord my son Nicholas needs me, today more then ever. He's so full of hate, bitterness, and anger, for filled with unforgiveness. Lord Nicholas needs You. He needs me. This son that You trusted me with who use to run to gather us together at the time of prayer.

Lord You know better then I how things has happened to him in my absent. My daughters are growing up without me. I ask for forgiveness of this failure regarding my children, I ask for another chance to get it right with my own off springs. Help O Lord. My daughters needs me. One of them O Lord I have never been given the opportunity to be a father to and the other I failed while free to be her father, trying to hold on to, a family that I thought was my own, due to a marriage that was never meant to be. Yet I loved the woman that I married, and I was wrong not to fight for my marriage as well as step outside of my marriage, especially with her daughter. I did not know how to fight Father, and I can't say I couldn't have learned better how to fight.

Bless me O Lord and help me to take the Truth from what I have learned and lived and use it towards my future and those involved with my future. Lord in Your Word You have forgiven me, Now help me to forgive myself. bless Tracy to find the love, peace and security she so seek and the happiness that we all want. Bless me that I might come home so I can serve you and be able to watch over and care for my own children as they grow up. Father I ask forgiveness for all the lives I have ruined. Through Christ sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection, Lord Jesus Christ You destroyed the devil's power over humanity. It is You Dear Jesus Christ alone makes me holy and spiritually unites me to You, the Holy One. It is You Dear Lord, Who are One with the Father who suffered and died and rose again for me. I want to be rid of all sin in my life and I trust You Lord Christ Jesus' sacrifice as fully sufficient to gain Your forgiveness and cleansing of all my offenses, Father.

I realize that it is the very nature of evil to be deceptive and to pretend to be good and even claim to be from You. So I ask You to open my eyes to any area where demons might be deceiving me. If at any time I have deliberately or unintentionally opened any door of my life to spiritual influences not from the You the true God, then I ask Your forgiveness and I repent of it. If it would help me to become more aware of what I did that is wrong so that I might consciously repent of it, then please show me.

I refuse to accept any supposed benefits from involvement in anything spiritual that does not have Your full approval. Please take from my life any supposed "blessings" or "advantages" or "pleasures" that do not have their source in You. If I need to end any emotional or spiritual attachment, then I want to end it now. If there is anything in my life or house or possessions that dishonors You, then I will destroy it, regardless of its sentimental or material value.

In the name of Jesus, the pure and spotless Lamb of God, the King of kings who through faith dwells in me, I come against any opening to evil that might be in my life due to the actions of other people, be they relatives, friends, enemies, or whatever. I look to the Lord Jesus to deliver me from all evil and seal off every part of my life from demonic influence from any source. Please bring to my attention anything that I need to be consciously aware of in order to experience total freedom and holiness. If there is any help from other people or information that would be beneficial in my full deliverance, I ask that You send them my way.

I praise You for loving me and for being more powerful than anything evil. I look to Your Son Jesus Christ and Him alone for my full protection. It is in Christ Jesus I pray and thank You


Heavenly-Father by Hozy-Whitehead-M17900

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