Cruel Dish Of Justice

by Hozy G. Whitehead

This dish of justice was served cold,
by an unjust system after my soul
without a chance I stood before the court
mama and others pleading for my life
while my high minded wife pulled the trigger
to steal my life.

I raised her children something she wouldn't do
I cooked for them, I washed for them too,
took them to and from school
she used me, abued us like we was fools
I cleaned behind them all
working and serving to loose my freedom and soul
seeing now this was her precious goal.

I loved them with my all as if they was my own,
but one day, one day everything came to an end
I moved out to keep from popping her neck
wrong move the little woman wasn't settling for that.

All or nothing she declared at Mama's house
only I didn't listen, I let her rope me in
see I didn't know out of all those years
to leave stood along was what she called a great sin
"Men don't leave me" she cried that night
I just sat there and let her fight
such lies?
Not knowing what she was about to do,
I left the room, when I returned I was totally through

The cops filled the place front and back
slamming me up against walls, 
and cars calling me things I'd never heard.

While the little lady claim her powerful bitter love.
Yes she had come for me and once more I listened,
Everyone told me to stay away, but no not me
returned like a fool
Ole wifey wasn't lying I was to be schooled

The crueless thing she could have ever done
she did....
Stealing my youth wasn't enough,
now she chose to take my life.
No, she didn't use no gun or knife
which might have been a blessing
instead of this curse
what a horrible, cold, cruel lesson.
I was to learn
Pussy she said is president nigga
and the president has the last say
“Don't you ever, do you hear me, ever
think you can just pick up and walk out on me
and that little bitch, look at me nigga, 
and know this, she will never
get to know you, you will never get to hold her, teach her
love her as long as I have the say,
Cause this day Nigga I am gonna put you away.”

Yes she invited me, no begged me to return to what she called home
pretending she couldn't live without me, missed my presence,
and could not stand sleeping alone.

while making plans to take my life
so she could be another man's wife,
she didn't think about me nor the children twice
but I, she said would never be free
so she plotted and planned what she would do to me.

That Ole wifey of mines played her hand well, 
as she plotted and schemed
how she would send me to hell.
Kisses, and hugs, dining and wining she did it all
setting me up for my greatest fall.
Even gave the cops my laptop
that ole gal wasn't about to get stopped.

That night I came to the house with joy in my heart
my last day of freedom, my last home cooked meal
would I be served
she didn't lie, she had some super nerves
alone with the drink in her hand
she kept saying out loud, You're my dam man.

All hell broke out that night.
Lights flooded the house, cops everywhere.
She cried and play her part real well
she wasn't joking she wanted me to spend life in hell.
And so here I am., since 2008
Returning to her was my greatest mistake
why was I the only one not able to see through her lies?

My youth gone, my, my freedom too, all gone,
and for what? A seed of my own, that I did not know,
a vengeful woman, without a soul?
That Ole wifey of mines laughed out loud as
the cops threw me in the back of the car
telling her “He'll never be back

The things she said I did, 
the things they charged me with
I wanted to die.
How could someone say they love you and tell such damning lies
How could she kill me and look me straight in my eyes?

She took the stand quoting 
she couldn't remember a thing she had done
I was drunk she said, ask my children ask anyone,
ask anyone that know me
while her son screamed out judge that's a lie. 
Let me take the stand
but that Ole judge said silent, 
young man before I throw you out with contempt.
He tried to fight for me, to tell them the truth, 
but Ole wifey had play her part real well. 
If it was the last thing she do I was going to hell.

Well she won, claiming she was sorry and it was her alcohol
“Forgive me baby I didn't know what I was doing”.
tears running down her face,
while another man was wearing my jewelry and clothes within a week
living in my home, lying on my sheets
not once did she even place money on the phone
or write me and tell me any more of her beautiful lies.
Never again would she wake me crying and begging me to come home
No longer was my beautiful wifey worried about sleeping alone
she promised me I would never leave until she said it was over
and so I didn't.
She gave me what she promised me with powerful consents.

Labeled now a pedophilia, something evil unearthly, without a heart,
she has helped me to seek my God

Yes God is up in here, more so than out there
How could she lie and say all those horrible things, 
I often ask myself,
Then tell them the alcohol did it, I'll never know
swearing up and down she wasn't well, 
this woman I'd slept with for all these years, 
treated me as on death row.
she fed me my last meal, made love to me,
with a fire of passion only lovers can.
Then she threw me to the wolves for another man.

This woman who claimed she loved me with all her heart and soul,
planted a seed in the house of God for a thousand bucks,
called down darkness upon my soul,
invited evil to consume me, deemed me to Hell.
that's what it's like to be in prison or jail.

I may sound bigoted to some of you, I know.
But doing ungodly things to children
isn’t something a man just does not do
It's not about the religion, or the child or children as she said
it was all about the demons in her head

They claimed I took away something from an innocent victim.
but I was the victim, they refused to understand
I was not a child molester I am a Man.
No one deserves to die such a horrible death
The judge, lawyer and her family promised me
I would die in that mess

But they must never forget vengeance belongs to the Lord.
The question asked of me,
"Does pedophilia developed by sexual abuse at an early age?"
I didn't know what to say to that
But to be honest I don’t know
I only know it’s a horrible way to be.
I can’t see how such a person will ever be free

Pedophilia damages a person for life.
This is almost a universal understanding.
There is no way that he or she will ever be whole without Christ
and up in here young and old men sometimes has
To fight for their life.

She said she loved me then she threw me under the bus, 
Why? because I had a child by someone other than her my loving wife.
Who had aborted my children more than twice.
Daily I fall upon my knees, to keep out the hate, 
the bitterness as it cry out to me. 
Daily I praise God for His love and protection up in here
and then I ask Him to help me forgive her, 
to protect her but most of all save her.

This Dish of Justice cost my mama $20,000 and my life
Because I attached myself to Evil I called a wife.

Cruel Dish Of Justice by Hozy G. Whitehead

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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