The Ghetto

by Carolyn E. Hopkins

The Ghetto glorifies the young 
Who have no name;
Brown babies wander the streets alone,
Eyes filled with ghetto pain.
Sharp dressers kill time on corners,
Waiting for victims of habit to pay,
And today is another day in the Ghetto.

Welfare dreams float away after the 1st,
And being broke and poor again resumes.
Dirt and debris are everywhere
No room for flowers to bloom.
Survival grips the jungle where
Hopelessness dwells.
And why must living be a living Hell?

Drugs steal the dreams of the rebellious young,
Forcing their way into the veins of a generation
Whose songs have not been sung.
Apartments too tight to breathe in-
No air - Tension builds and builds.
Wants and needs go daily unfulfilled.
Barred windows bring no sunlight or
Blue-velvet clouds passing by-
Prisoners looking out at prisoners-
Waiting to die.

It's dark in the Ghetto where lives despair
And discouragement looms
In the dismal Ghetto air.

But sometimes it's fun waking up in 
The Ghetto sun- the people- the laughter-
Children on the run.
Dancing and fantasizing until the daybreak
Praying and crying to the starry-eyed night.
And the birth of a dream in the eyes of a 
Ghetto child makes a grandmother celebrate
Her long journey miles.

But sometimes it's hard sleeping at night
Because something within just doesn't feel right,
And you worry about death or losing a 
Loved one; because the Ghetto
Is infamous for killing Ghetto sons;

Will you be another statistic or be shot
Without a reason why?  An anonymous face
Left alone to die.

Is anyone listening or does anyone care
About the people who are dying in the Ghettos

The Ghetto by Carolyn E. Hopkins

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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