by Carolyn E. Hopkins

The wet grass caresses her bronzed barefeet.
Above her head looms the turquoise sky,
As she stands watering her garden.
There is sunshine in her morning smile.
Gently, he brings her a robe
Wrapping it lovingly around 
Her delicate shoulders;
She kisses his boyish brown cheeks and says,
“This is why I married you.”

The smell of coffee floats through the air,
Causing her to remember that she forgot
To cut off the pot
That’s trembling beneath the fire.
She reaches for two black
Designer mugs from the cupboard,
And tenderly he wraps his arms
Around her growing belly;
A new life blooming within her
Surely to bring them even closer.

She pours two steaming cups of morning time
Spilling some on to the newly waxed parquet floors.
They laugh, reminding us that they are newlyweds,
Abundantly in love…with life…with each other…
With success.
An exuberant, fresh and forceful love,
Waiting to test its backbone
With each unpleasant life experience.

But for now, they are loving and learning
And glowing in the daybreak breeze
Under the sunlit sky, silently,
Rejoicing in their renewed faith,
And knowing that life does not always
Have to throw you a naked bone.

Lovers by Carolyn E. Hopkins

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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