A Mother's Cry

by Hoodie Tooschus

a mother's cry 
is the sound of pain
her precious seed
she won't see again
gone is his loving smile
gone is his wit and charm
gone are the days when he needs
to be held in his mother's arms
as the tears roll down her face
all she wonders is why
why, sweet Jesus, tell me why
did my son have to die
a mother's cry, a mother's tear
distinguished and unique
God was in need of an angel
his journey is now complete
to us it may seem that
he left the earth too soon
for his life was a rosebud
just waiting to bloom
his daughter lost her father
his mother lost her son
another young life ended
by a coward with a gun
a mother's cry, a mother's tear
her heart endures much pain
wipe your weeping eyes, Machelle
you'll see your son again.

Dedicated to Kenneth A. Young and his mother 
Machelle Young. In the Bible, one of the Ten 
Commandments is to "Love Thy Neighbor."  I 
loved my neighbor Machelle- as a friend, 
neighbor, and just for her being herself.  
She is the type of neighbor that one would 
love to have.  If I need to borrow an egg, 
she'd give me a dozen.  If she needs to borrow 
a cup of milk, I'd give her a gallon.  She lost 
her son on November 17, 2003 to gun-related 
violence.  Don't cry Machelle-Kenny is in heaven.  
From my family to yours- WE LOVE YOU.

Kenneth A. Young

A Mother's Cry by Hoodie Tooschus

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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