You May Know Her

by Hoodie Tooschus

she's somebody's daughter
she's somebody's friend
don't disrespect her
if you ain't been where she's been
the world is so cold now
but who is to blame
if you were in her shoes
you'd do the same
tom, dick, and harry
she only knew their first names
after they finished
she wouldn't she them again
until times got hard
running low on her cash
a few minutes of pleasure
by selling her ass
you call her
slut, whore, tramp, bitch
you think she likes doing this shit
she's got many mouths to feed
were you there in her time of need
don't even judge her
don't even put her down
she's still a black queen
without the crown
you may think its funny
but it's really quite sad
cause deep down inside
she's hurting so bad
who'd ever think
she'd end up this way
ain't fucking for free
the girl's getting paid
school of hard knocks
she has an education
it taught her to deal
with her fucked up situation
she's somebody's child
somebody's mother too
i ain't hating,girlfriend
do what you gotta do
it's not that she never tried
to work a steady nine to five
$6.25 an hour
once just can't survive
so she used her pot of gold
just to make a few ends
but she's still a woman
mother, daughter, and friend

this is dedicated to all the single mothers 
out there that are struggling everyday 
and trying to make ends meet.  
dedicated to those that work at strip clubs, 
hit the block, or doing whatever it takes 
to feed the children without any help from anybody.  
hoodie tooschus ain't mad at ya! 

You May Know Her by Hoodie Tooschus

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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