Hard Times

by Hoodie Tooschus

Times done got so damned hard
I think I even owe the Grim Reaper
Ain't no jobs, unemployment sky high
Can't even get a job as a stripper.
Check the mailbox, bills coming in daily
Had to kill Peter cause I owed Paul
I'm so broke these days it seems
Can't even window shop at the mall.
My phone, it rings constantly
"When can we expect payment?"
"You can expect it today, if you like,
 but that don't mean that you'll get it."
I feel like Florida Evans sometimes
The remix version for 2004
Ain't nothing good about these times
I done got used to being poor.
In reality, we all know things will probably
     get worse
I ain't never got no money
So what's the use of carrying a purse?
Credit report?  Don't make me laugh
Hundreds of unpaids on it
But I don't owe the weedman nothing
Cause he always got some chronic.
Dinnertime, I'm getting hungry
Think I'll go across the street
To see if Miss Brown got some rice
And if Miss Jones got some meat.
In this day and age, it even costs to dream
So I live one day at a time.
There is some hope left, I'll try to do whats
And look out for me and mine.
Can you relate to my struggle, my sister
Can you relate to my pain
Can you help me out, my brother
Would you happen to have any spare change?
Even though I can't afford to dream
At least I can still pray
But times done got so damned hard
Soon that'll get taken away.

Hard Times by Hoodie Tooschus

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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