Extra, Extra

by Hoodie Tooschus

First thing I did this morning
Was thank God I'm alive
Then I went to the window
To embrace his beauty outside
Downstairs to the kitchen
To have my morning cup of tea
Then I grabbed the daily news
So I'd have something to read
As I flipped through the pages
Something really caught my eye
An obituary with my name
It said that I had died
Name spelled exactly like mine
Same mother and same father
And just like me
She had one son and two daughters
Knowing a mistake was made 
While the paper was being printed
Where the hell was I at
When my so-called life had ended
Thinking I was dreaming
I stopped and pinched myself
I know I can't be dead yet
Cause I'm in perfect health
Then I thought about my life
I guess I hadn't done much wrong
But I tried to live right by Him
So my life would be long
Then it occurred to me
What this was all about
I didn't really hear the Lord
When He was reaching out
Then He appeared and sat next to me
And said I really died
But I wasn't the only one
And not to be surprised
As He held me close to Him
I felt safe in His arms
I was killing myself, being the old me
He was trying to shield me from harm
Extra, extra read all about it
He forgave me of my sins
Extra, extra read all about it
I've been born again
Then suddenly He disappeared
Like the sun does at night
And He left me with note that read
Available day or night
The Lord, He gave me a second chance
To be all I can be
Because I gave my soul to him
I'll live for eternity.

Extra, Extra by Hoodie Tooschus

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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