Dance of Life

by Hoodie Tooschus

Life's rhythm, it moves me
It has me dancing to the beat
Trying to stand on my own
But it seems I have two left feet.
Life, it has me doing a dance
It's the one they call the "Hustle"
But my eyes don't cry no more
Even Stevie can see my struggle.
If I were to die today
One couldn't say I ain't try
But do I see, or do I eat
I gotta let the electric slide.
"I'll try to pay it next month"
That's what I said that last time
Ninety days overdue
My lights will be the sunshine.
I might as well relocate
And move to the dirty south
Cause everytime I write a check
They always Bankhead Bounce.
The dance of life, it repeats itself yall
Like a scratched album or CD
The lyrics to life's song embedded in my head
Ohio Player, I wanna be free.
Free from all this strugglin' and sufferin'
Free from all the stress and pain
Free from all the late bills and collections
I'm running late, here comes the Soul Train.
I need protection from earth, wind, and fire
Need the reasons why I'm here
I need to pay these bills of mine
Hope things will be better next year.
But, oh well, that's how it goes
I damn sure ain't alone
"Hello, can I speak to..."
They done cut off my phone.
All this time I've been here yall
No one has asked my to dance
So I hit the dancefloor by myself
To succeed, you must take a chance.
But I just can't get that step right
While I'm dancing on life's floor
Everytime I get ahead
I get knocked down harder than before.
Life's rhythm, it moves me
It has me dancing to the beat
I'm trying to stand on my own
But I can't with two left feet.

Dance of Life by Hoodie Tooschus

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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