Soul Mates and Friends

by Nikki R. Holmes

Your love from me is never demanding 
it's always received with pleasure. 
You push and pull us to the top, 
not only through your words, 
but also with your loving actions 
that never seem to stop. 
Your love fills me up it never tears me down. 
After you I stopped searching. 
I was always good, but with your love I'm a better person. 
When you hold me in your arms, 
with you I feel safe from harm. 
You know I love you that's for sure, 
because you never once gave me reason 
to think our love wasn't secure. 
I know you're not perfect but then again who is. 
I can picture us together, 
forever loving each other plus two kids. 
I'll never turn my back on you. 
I promise not to clown my heart, 
my soul and my love for you will always be around. 
I'll be that woman by your side forever being down. 
You call me your ride or die, 
tell me I'm the apple of your eye. 
No matter what is offered to me 
you'll always be my guy. 
What more could I ask for there's no need to look again. 
I found my soul mate, I found a friend, 
when you look in the mirror you'll see that man.

Soul Mates and Friends by Nikki R. Holmes

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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