Final Goodbye, Time For Closure

by Nikki R. Holmes

I gave my heart to you, my love so pure, so true. 
In the beginning it was a fight 
because I wasn't really sure if what I was feeling was right. 
They say the eyes never lie, but your mouth was your eyes alibi. 
I believed every letter, word, sentence and story. 
I had no idea that in time you would fail me. 
So many times my heart was broken and bent, 
because of that I was emotionally spent. 

Then you came along and your sweet words saved me, 
slowly my heart started warming up. 
Only to turn around and find out that you were a lying fuck. 
Once again I was back on 'E' constantly 
too scared to let the next man love me. 
When my mind surrendered my heart soon followed. 
I loved you not because of your, dress, looks or feel. 
Your words were like guns cocked for the battle and going for the kill. 

I fell victim to your games, 
not knowing in such a short time how much I would lose. 
Leaving me behind with nothing but shame. 
They say the truth hurts but a lie can't be too far behind. 
Because of your lies I closed my eyes and jumped falling blind. 
Time may heal a broken heart, but it doesn't erase the mind. 
You were good I'll give you that; it was one of a kind. 
I thought our hearts spoke to each otherís until I found out 
I was just another notch on your belt of lovers. 

When we first met you were out to sea. 
So we chatted through emails with thoughts of you keeping me pleased. 
Then the time came face to face we finally meet. 
One look from you and something held my feet. 
I thought you would always be here, 
but the truth revealed that you had a wife and kids elsewhere. 
You know what they say what's done is done and what happened has happened. 
So it's time I wrote these last lines to close this chapter 
and begin mending my heart that you left shattered. 
Youíll soon be one of those who just didnít matter.

Final Goodbye, Time For Closure by Nikki R. Holmes

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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