The Day I Met You Again

by Nikki R. Holmes

The first time was during a Christmas dance in Junior High School, 
my friends and I were standing around talking 
about whom our first love would be. 
The Year was 1985 when we collided 
or more like when I caused you to nearly trip as you ran passed me. 

I didnít even know that you existed before that day, 
but I never forgot you since that day. 
Your smile and your eyes captured me at first sight; 
it also started an internal fight.  
You see the love bug was in the air and boy that was some bite, 
at least to me that's was it seemed. 
From that day forward you consumed my heart, thoughts and all my dreams. 
You barely knew I was alive, 
but co-existing within your world was just enough for me. 

Every love song would provoke thoughts of you. 
My heart spoke in volumes, and I wanted to tell but never had the courage to. 
I took the long way home to pass your house in hopes of seeing you. 
My private battle was loving you in silence. 
Secretly you were my first love 
and all I wanted was the chance to make it true. 

Years have passed 18 to be exact, and our paths crossed once again.  
All of my childhood memories came rushing through. 
I remembered back to when I was 11 in Junior High School and so in love with you. 
Time has passed and weíre now grown, things have changed and our lives are worlds apart. 
But Iíll never forget the first boy who ever stole my heart.

The Day I Met You Again by Nikki R. Holmes

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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