Your Pain Through A Convict's Eyes

by Brown Sugar

Loving a convict is not child's play, 
Loving him is a high price to pay, 
its Loving him with nothing to hold 
and staying true without being told.

It's remembering the honesty and promises to wait. 
It's laying alone with your thoughts when it's late. 
It's the Love song playing and the lights down dim. 
It's tough sleeping at night, when it's you Im wrapped up in 
knowing you're far away, 
just praying it won't be too long a stay.

Picturing me in a big empty yard, 
always under a gun and guard, 
doing my best to fight off the clowns.

You're my baby, my number one, you know I'll hold my ground. 
Laying alone with all of your fears, 
falling asleep with your eyes filled with tears. 
You know more than anyone, life can be tough for Loving a convict, 
I know it's rough, but the woman you are, your friendship and Love is true 
and in the end you'll get what's due.

It's not forever, you'll have to wait 
before we know it, they'll open that gate, 
I'll be free 
and a convict I'll no longer be.

Your Pain Through A Convict's Eyes by Brown Sugar

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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