A Voice Asked Me, "What Happened?"

by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

             All I hear is silence I remember death was violent

               Bitches wiliní sounds of gunshots 5-0hís sirens

             Exhaust from the car that took off stained the air

                But didnít subdue the piercing smell of fear

  When did I fall I ponder, I remember standing up, shots came like slow mo

                       I saw my foe take it in the gut

             Me, I spun around to hear his man shout "Whassup!"

               Roc yelled duck! A second call came from Dutch

       To my left I watch this chick grab her kid close to her breast

           And scampered to a corner, like she knew I was a goner

                    Iím numb now I hear my man Dre voice

           Police is telliní him that I mustíve made a bad choice

             I see golden street lights, But Iím not stariní up

         Police is watchin' over me I see them but my eyes are shut

            One is bendiní down, he starts to talk investigation

   While heís streakiní chalk on the pavement the conversation strays with

   The Heat vs. Knicks, his favorite flicks, how he fucks a chick then the
                          other cop starts to spit

         The Foamy liquid hits the street the residue hits my cheek

                     then the other cop start to speak.

                       He said these niggers are dumb

                         "The fuck they care about?

       Their construction boots a chain and a gun. Who got this one?"

                     "Who knows." The other cop replied

          Spittin' and shit, an eraser of a pencil pokin' at my hip

               He said I took a bad one its bad luck Iím stuck

        The bullet struck a major artery, I guess Iím not getting up

 He said "What a mess, a lot of blood, like I give a fuck, Iím homicide, let
                           forensics clean it up!"

 A tear welled inside my eye I see a passer by I cried, please donít let me

    But fuck it, two tears in a bucket. I did it now Iím stuck with it, a

                       I wish it hadnít come to this.

         Even in death revenge was my last breath, if I had one wish

                           I would wish for a Tech

             And a bullet for the punk who pulled it, I despise

                   I plastic glove blesses my eyes, I rise

A Voice Asked Me, "What Happened?" by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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