The Tundra Conundrum Theory

by Hakim

for Flowetry in Motion...

Water moves with the shake of a Black woman’s hip
And that succulent wet swell of her quivering lips
She caresses the bed of the Ocean
Fluid motions causes the Earth to trimmer and shake
Ya see, I know that’s the spasms of a worldly orgasm
Scientific folk blame tectonic plates
She blows
Through hollowed rock
And tickles a cave
And he howls with pleasure
From the pressure she gave
But the problem with her 
Is if a flame warmed that same cleft
In the wake of her anger
She’d leave nothing left
So she speaks softly and pushes gently against my pane
But I don’t let her in
Because she whispers her name
If she were truly mine she’d shout me out
To let the world know that she came
But a fallen leaf explain to me
That just her game
"See the problem with Wind
Is she’ll pull me from limb
And she’ll dance for a while until her interest descends
I will be swept away by my love
And she will pretend
Guide me softly to the cold earth
And never visit again!"
Then me and the leaf shared a softly spoken air of silence
I figure its her years or defiance
Some women like the Wind form and alliance
With other Earthly Wonders
Like Lightning and thunder
Ambiguity…That's at times just anger concealed
But unlike the Hu-Man Wo-Man the Wind mustn’t yield
She is aware
As the Wind is at times
But as emotions are stirred the wind becomes blind
If I could ask a Hurricane
If her destructive nature is premeditated motive
I doubt she would answer
This suspicious young poet
See the problem with Wind
Is her beauty is ever-present but not seen
Just try trapping her in a clear bottle
And you’ll see what I mean....

The Tundra Conundrum Theory by Hakim

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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