Tina Ain't Got Nothing On You

By Your Son

My mother said to me
She saw Tina Turner on the TV
"I had to turn the channel." She said annoyed.
"Tina Turner has to be 60 or more than that and I'm sitting here
with this MS with one foot and one hand."
My Mother don't know.
As long as she has me, She got 3 feet and 3 hands
And I would walk through the hottest dessert
On the hottest day in July, with my Mom on my back
One hand and all
You see, my mom carried me
When I couldn't walk
And when I said things no one should say
She forgave me without a thought
Tina ain't got nothing on you
She may be able to dance on all two
And scream on stage and kick off her shoes
But she can't and didn't raise four men and one woman
Single handedly
Tina ain't teach me how to raise my daughter right
Tina sure ain't work two sometimes three jobs to feed me
To clothes me, To discipline me, To hug me

You took care of my "stinkass" when I was sick
Tina definitely ain't put up with my shit
Teach me stuff a man couldn't
You bore five head of kids, six if you count the first
And worry even to this day if I'm eating right
Dressing warm, Living well
And being safe when I hangout late at night
"Son you got to take care of yourself."
You say to me so concerned and sweet.

I try to do right as a man by you
Just to here you say, "Hi Boobee", when I call you
Sometimes just to hear your voice
You lift me up, You give me hope
You believe in me when I can't believe in me
Tina says, "What's love got to do wit it?"
Tina Don't Know
Love is everything
And your love has made me the man that I am
We call you MUT (moot)
The Egyptian word meaning Mother of Earth
My Queen Fortuitous

So Mom, when you turn the channel cause Tina look so good
Her looks is all she got
And the memories of Ike whoopin' her ass
When I look at you I see me
And you are the most BE -A-U-TIF-UL thang to look at
Mom, Tina ain't got nothing on you.

Tina Ain't Got Nothing On You by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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