The Hunt

by Hakim

What the hell are we all LOOKING FOR? 
People with kids want people with no kids 
Other people look for people with money 
When the people looking for people with money 
Have no money at all 
People have some ghaul 
Feel me? 
Women looking for men with nice cars 
But they canít drive 
Men looking for women who want to phuck 
Nice titties and thick thighs a plus 
Some people look for honesty 
But canít be honest within themselves 
So honesty is lost 
And Ďcatchiní feelingsí is the cost 
People looking for lies 
To hide the wicked truth 
Tell lies 
Then you, who look for people who donít lie 
Find people who do 
Because they lie to you 
You lie to them. 
No muthaphuckiní body is telling the truth 
For instance 
I met the woman 
Fairly attractive 
Her friends and them 
I hung out with the four of these chicks one Thursday night 
We all had just met 
Homegurl was all over me 
Talking and propositioning 
I liked her all over me 
So I was smiling and listening 
She offered to come home with me that night 
I wasnít with that 
There was a time when I would have been 
But that time has now passed 
To make a long story short her friends got mad 
And told her I wasnít right for her 
Because I didnít stack 
She said her friends were bourgeois   
And it made her feel ashamed 
They hated on me cause I had no car 
So I said Iíd buy her a stove 
And she can call it a Range 
Pack of dimes they might be 
But I donít need change 
She gave me her number 
But before she could SAY 
I deleted her out of my 2-way 
Breathe Easy 
Story, Cheesy? 
Could be 
But Iím proud of myself 
ĎCause I am who I should be 

The Hunt by Hakim

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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