So Fresh and So Clean

by Hakim

They call us triflin’ 
Some nice men 
Finish last 
Others play that roll
Lie and say, 
“I don’t give a fuck about these hoes!” 
They say it to keep control 
Strong Black Women 
Swear that’s what we fear 
The Strength 
The Color
The Sex
I’d be the last to complain if my better half 
Collects bigger checks 
I learn from her because her knowledge 
Surpasses my still growing intellect
And she wears her Black skin as a badge of honor
And demands the utmost respect 
If she has credentials she earned from 
Blood and Sweat
Tears are optional 
Fears are marginal 
The law she lives by is martial 
Her smile is partial
So quick to scream 
So Fresh and So Clean 
But full of resentments 
False Pride fills her void for self-esteem
Nah mean
Why do you perceive my compliments to your physical insulting?
Why do you find my approach so revolting?
Why is your attitude so salty?
My Sisters, 
How you see and relate to me is faulty
But that’s okay 
I guess we all had our share of dismay
Relationships that left our lives in disarray
Wishin’ we could spot check our mistakes 
In instant replay 
Referee say “False start,
10 years returned to the clock for game delay.”
To my Black Women 
I say 
Keep your head up 
Stays focus and stay aware 
There are Strong Black Men 
Out there 
I can vouch for one 

So Fresh and So Clean by Hakim

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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