Silent Night

by Hakim

The creeks and cracking sound 
Of creeping demon hounds 
No longer panting in corners 
Drenched in shadows in my quarters
The knocking under the bed 
When the lights are off
And I lay my head 
No longer resonate 
Like memories of laughter 
From my daughter
The presence of Anger 
The cousin of Evil  
No longer whispers words 
Of instigation 
Vain in attempt
And feeble 
And the hate that spawned 
Years 8 
Of wrong 
And the witches song 
Of noxious nuances 
And poison filled needles 
And angry spirits who feed 
On ruckus 
And plant seeds in thought 
And irrigate with 
Blood filled up in buckets 
They scream with pleasure 
And howl in our direction 
When our insurrections 
To them is like treasure 
And the Walls that breathed 
And grew vines of animosity 
And Itís eyes that long for rage 
No longer grow its weeds 
Watching ME!
And the stench of regrets 
And the rot of dirty secrets 
Has abandoned my house 
As if packed in her luggage 
When she left 
There is silence 
A calm sits in her absence 
And though I miss a companion 
Iíve alleviated an abscess
And drained the puss 
And wounds now heal 
And the demons have gone 
For they have no meal 
I turn off my lights 
And I still remain a soldier 
In this EPIC Fight 
But I have cleansed my refuge 
On this Silent Night 

Silent Night by Hakim

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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