Show Off

by Hakim

I write that shit that make you eyes roll up to the sky 
And contemplate "Damn how one man can be so heavy yet still be so fly?" 
I write that shit that a dead man walkin' request before he die
"Just read that Hakim shit for me one more time!"
I'm what Corona is to lime 
A twist 
I swear I should insure my wrist 
No disrespect homie
I give pounds with my left 
Just so I don't damage the right that delivers this gift
I don't spit, I salivate 
Grab open MICz and demonstrate 
What separates 
Me from these cloned Ingrates
that perpetrate the fraud
I say that shit that make you look twisted at your broad 
Cause she's starin' at me 
And thinking thoughts she can't afford
I write that shit that once I've spit it there's no doubt 
You get mad
Get drunk
Run home
And kick you wife out
I don't want clout or respect 
that's what a young man expects 
Your eyes say enough 
When I 
Say words on stage and step 
Do the knowledge 
Math and Science 
In history they'll have to document my defiance
Speak up young main 
better yet Silience
When Grown Folks is talkin' 
Maintain and I'll refrain from verbal violence
Why? 'Cause it begets the same 
Hakim's the name and I'm related to pain
Its all a game we seekin' 
And your arms ain't long enough 
Stop reachin'
This is one for you brain...

Show Off by Hakim

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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