She Is...

by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

                   She understands me

      Like the Sea understands the mood of the Moon

         She provides refreshing afterthoughts

        Like a water spring in a hot dessert dune

                     She's too late

             How come you weren't too soon?

 She listens with the intent of a wise and noble Priest

            And when I feel I lost the most

             She provides the "At Least..."

               She is "The cup half full."

           When my faith in myself is drained

                 She is as optimistic as

        The Harvester who awaits the Spring rain

                 She is not scared away

             Even though I push hard and say

              "I have no love left in me."

            She replies, "Be that as it may."

 She becomes my silver lining on a Dark and Stormy morn

             Lately she is the first I tell

              "I haven't slept 'til dawn."

                   She understands me

       Like the burning Flame understands the Wind

    And when my integrity is all but torched to ashes

               She helps me to comprehend

                 She wants nothing more

                  Than to be my friend

                     And do to fate

                 Anything more than that

               Just simply came too late.

She understands me like the Shadows understands the Light

           She knows although I make her laugh

      She can sense Inside is where I have to fight

   It gets worst before it gets better, I've been told

              She understands me endlessly

          Like the heart understands the soul.

                      Thanks Sandy.

She Is... by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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