For The Sake Of Sanity

by Hakim

She sat alone and I gazed like she were some kind of perfect sculpture etched in a rear mahogany marble. Her skin made the sun dance and for a moment I saw my future in the reflection of her eyes.

Eyes like onyx, dark and spiritual.

As if one dared stare long enough she would reveal herself as the equation to creation and would sit unveiled as numbers and light, light from energy only the omnipotent could spawn. From her feet to her jet black locks she was the perfect blueprint for what was intended at the first of her species creation. She had become the evolution of beauty and it was ever changing, right in front of my eyes as I became jealous of the wind that blew gently passed her skin and she smirk and unbelievable smirk when the moving air whispered passed her again. She sat with her legs crossed at the thigh, and the muscles beneath her rich dark flesh rippled and wiggled. She had strong ample legs, legs used to carry the burden bestowed onto her by mothers and grandmothers and great grandmothers and great grandmothers of great grandmothers who carried the burden before her. And as I stood and watched I wish my legs were the pair next to hers, walking proudly beside her in full stride.

A site to behold.

And the sleeping ancestors would rise up and acknowledge and celebrate this queen who found her king, not by chance but by the will of them.

Back straight as she sat.

The gold tone dress she wore wrapped happily around her showing the shape of her torso, the taper of her waist, the rounding of her hips and the swell of her breast.

And I watched.

I loomed like a bumble bee that had found the sweetest of sweetest flowers. Feet arched in her black heels, she was modern, but something ancient in aura told me the vessel was new borrowed but her spirit was old and belonged. And that thousands of years before she sat in that same spot as they worshipped her and poured libation at the tips of her feet. She stood from her seat, I took in a breath and held it and she turned and left. Then I took a step in the direction she strode and stopped and viewed this site to behold. I didn’t pursue, and she disappeared into the crowds of city people who seemed unaware that God walked amongst them.


And I smiled…I turned…I forgot about her for the sake of sanity.

For The Sake Of Sanity by Hakim

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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