Remnants of Us

by Hakim

I see circles of light 
Pressure constricting my line of sight
Little bulbs of brilliance explode
And the world feels lax
from these shoulders they’ve rode
I’m so sick and tired 
So tired of being sick 
Sick of the fights
The phuckin’ meaningless arguments 
I stay because I suppose pain is not my thing 
But I abuse myself in small doses 
And smile on the outside 
So no one notices 
About 30 “its over“ agos I lost focus
And I try to hold on 
And answer questions that stay loaded
“Do you still Love ME?”
“Do you still Want ME?”
“Do you still Feel the Same?”
For how I feel I have no name 
Only pain 
Only restraint
Only grains of salt 
Grounded into these scabs of thought 
Wounds remain from wars I’ve fought 
I have my faults 
Yeah often my temper IS short 
But I wasn’t always that way 
Let sleeping dogs lie 
But no one comments 
Where cats lay 
“you’re this, you’re that” You say 
So why do you stay? 
Sick of starting over?
Recognized you’re getting older?
“Make your bed…Sleep in it”  
I’ve been told 
But it seems like I sleep on the couch more often 
And use spare blankets
When I get cold
This revolving door has got to close 
We need a demolition to destroy this house of “love” 
Remnants of us 
In piles of debris 
Demons and Puss
But now we’re set free 
Let’s see…
Then end is always messy 
Move on and please forget me….

Remnants of Us by Hakim

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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