Make Me A Rain Drop

by Hakim

Have you ever sat in the backseat of a moving car? 
During a rainstorm and watched the water bead up on the window?
Ever noticed how some of the drops seem to voluntarily 
Chose a pensive path and in the water drops forward momentum 
It consumes other water drops?
Ever watch how fat the progressive water drop gets 
Until it runs outta window and disappears into the beyond in all of its obese glory?
Ever notice how your eyes always focus on the water drop
That has chosen a patch and ate the other droplets like PacMan?
Ever almost feel the life from that chubby water drop?
Like the chubby rain has a name and a personality and a mother and father?
Unless it’s a black chubby water drop of course, the daddy gone.
Ever wonder why if the chubby water drop can move 
Why don’t the other water drops move out of the way?
Why does only some of the water drops move while others stay still?
Content to dry on the hot transparent surface and become no more 
Than a salty water stain that gets buffed away?
If the water drops represent people 
And the chubby moving water drops represent aggressive, forward thinking people
What does the Windex used to clean the comfortable water drops that dried up represent?
Which would you rather be?
The person who is content with sitting still and drying up, just living life?
Or even worst being consumed by the aggressive, forward thinkers… 
Or the Windex that cleans the salty remnants of contentment from the window we call Life?
So in essence can it all boil down to this?
There are people who do, people who don’t, and people who pave the way for other people?
Or rain drops.
So which would you rather be, huh?
The aggressive, forward thinking chubby raindrop you say?
You know who I would want to be?
The driver of the car. 

Make Me A Rain Drop by Hakim

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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