by Hakim

Half empty
Half full 
Half truth 
Half Bull 
But either way half gone
Only half as strong as it ever was
I was never right just half as wrong 
I can only listen to half of this sad song
The other half is way too long
Half of it missing the one they love 
The other half spent begging for them back
Iím not having that 
But I realize half of that crap 
Is forgetting the half of why I stepped
Half of why itís over 
Is because only half the love was left 
The other half was half a mess 
Mixed with half of stress
And half of this relationship
we spent having revenge sex 
The other half mostly regrets 
Only half of hindsight 
Win Win?
Nope half of 20/20
Is 10/10
Half of that is 5 by 5 
Half the emotions 
Half the lies
When half is less
I realized 
I think about it only half the time 
And if I make it through half this rhyme 
Iíll think be half as fine 
As I was when I started 
Half the first line 
Half is whole 
If you except half the portion 
Half on a baby 
Half on the abortion
Half of my grief 
Leaves me on half of my feet 
And no crutch to stand on 
Remembering my support system 
Was the other half thatís gone 
Half Full 
Half Empty 
Either way itís half gone 
And through all the fights
I canít remember 
Which half was wrong?

Purge by Hakim

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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