Never Do

by Hakim

As I sit here on a Tuesday night

listenin’ to the Roots tellin’ me "Never do" on my MP3 

I picked up the phone to call my cousin OMARI

I dialed his number and got a disconnect tone 

Then I remember, as the Roots crew played melodic on my sonics,

My cuddy was long gone

I picked up the muddy colored cutty and my drag was so strong

The spirits stung my soul

I let myself drift as the chemicals took control 

I asked myself what do I do this for?

And myself answered 

You do it for the cats shootin’ craps on the block 

And those same cats that shoot back until the shots do stop

I do this for those crooked cops in the unmarked cars 

And them same cats in the gas guzzlin' trucks-

posin’ for chicks at the Shark's Bar

Able to leap 22 inch rims in a single bound

I do this for the profound nature of my restless town

I do this for the Jews in Israel who lose their life by the baker’s dozen 


I do this until I understand the appeal to walk on a crowded school bus

With children from infants to teens and blow them to SMITHEREENS 

This shit here IS REAL! 

But I recognize why you always hear about the Jewish view 

Because the Jews DO own the news 

And I understand da propaganda 

But they’re looking out for their people 

And to THEM the Muslims are evil 

BELIEVE they suffer at the hands of the Jews too 

Never Do 

"Never Do" 

I do this for the towns in Africa who ran out of space to bury their dead 

And the African men who think they can cure AIDS by taking a virgin to bed 

I do this until the dirt stops pouring over babies and babies and babies 

Till the dirt stop pouring over men and men and men 

Till the dirt stop pouring over women and the women…


…The women who can no longer bore 

Because they are no more


And I try NOT to think that this was someone’s master plan from the brink!

And I START to think, fuck Elvis! Hitler is in the building! 

Not so much the man but his methods of killing

After the Jews, who do you think was next? His God willing? 

And I START to think there is a 'LOTT' in congress that stinks 

And I START to think if Strom Thurmond had his way

Lynching would be a national HOLIDAY 

And as for the Billie with the same last name

I can hear her ghostly echoes sang "STRANGE FRUIT…"

"Never Do" 

Never Do 

I do this for North Korea who need light to see the point 

Why the U.S. won’t allow them to use nuclear energy

to (so call) electrify the joint

Come on...

I do this for everyone's agenda because remember-not to long ago 

Smoky traced the tracks of our tears and they led not for from there 

And fought gorillas in the bush…And BUSH I do swear 

Bush needs to join his own axis of evil and make that muthafucka a square 

I do this for all them 50-Cent nigghas 

Those Tupac thugged out wishin' to be dead nigghas 

Hardcore "I got shot so I'm harder than all you nigghas.”  

...Well so did my uncle in the Vietnam War,

and he smiles at me every time I see him...

So Fitty, whajja so sore for?

You knew the game...

But I suppose when your blood stained 
It spelled out "SHUCK, JIVE and ENTERTAIN"
For bloody Hip Hop, how mundane 

I was watching MTV and whatshisname,

the white boy who hates his mama came,

and he's contemplating "What direction can hip hop go in."

And I realize if this Elvis impersonator

is deciding the direction of my culture, we are truly broken.

I do this in the memory of Jam Master Jay 

All these fake ass thugs need to throw on some Adidas and walk that way

Hip Hop died that day and gave birth to organized crime 

And I see even clearer that it was never about the rhyme 

Every ending is enigmatic 

And I could give a fuck if Nas is still illmatic 

And who got beef with Jay 

You would think with all these ear and eyes on them 

They’d have more constructive shit to say

But then…That wouldn’t be cool 

Cause they don't teach us about the Talented Tenth in public school... 

Never Do

"Never Do"

Regan ran for president--if I hear a campaign for Will Smith 

He’ll get my three fifths of a vote 

Even as three fifths of a man

My soul is whole and I have hope 

If the end justifies the mean 

Then I mean to justify the end of this piece 

With peace 

But if not lets not forget 

There is a warrior behind these eyes 

Willing to die for those I do this for

If my peace is compromised. 

Never Do by Hakim

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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