by Hakim

So I stay self absorb in my grief 
Clinch teeth tightly around words that I havenít spoken 
And havenít screamed 
The words of anger fester in my mouth 
And lay eggsÖspawnís of livid little hurtful demons 
And slimy bad dreams 
In my wake 
I can taste the plaque that plagues my tongue 
And infest my lungs 
Like spores of rage of the things Iíve done 
And I lay still so that I donít vomit
the sludge of my hurtful grudge 
In the direction of those that donít deserve such love 
Love? Yes, love as same as hate 
I swallow back my spiteful waste 
And the demons I fought fight my vice and regurgitate 
And the lining of my bowls burn 
And with my lips sealed I howl 
And they twist and turn 
So I still lay without movement 
And the flesh of my midriff glows lucent 
And it grows impregnated festering in its fallow fluids   
I absorb the embryo 
But still feel empty though 
Iíve digested and recycled the insalubrio 
It now travels through my veins 
Like some tormented strain 
Of a virus from Styx of which unnamed 
It multiplies and my cells atrophy 
And my red blood turns black with apathy 
Fever spreads and consumes my head 
And my skin dissolves 
For this disease decree from things not said 
And I fight the infliction   
And my bare muscles glisten and tear from bone 
Till the ivory structure underneath stands alone 
One by one my organs fail 
Disintegrate from unspoken tale 
And now I sit slumped a mere shadow is all that exists 
And the memories or anger held in, imprisoned by lips 
And as light comes and I fade away 
I realize my false pride 
Lead to my decay 

Malignancy by Hakim

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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