Love Again

by Hakimthatitsinglesolonomonoless

The only thing I won't do for love 
Is love you again
As far as love goes I've done all I can
You know how the saying goes
Every new beginning is someone else's end 

I tried dozens of times
To work it out
You tried dozens of times 
To shut me out

I'd walk through hell for love, for you
I'd swim across seas
And beg for you to forgive me
Even if I haven't wronged you
On bended knee 

I'd die for you
Wait out eternity
For one more moment with you

Your past is a sad one
Full of regret and pain
But everything has its ending 
Unfortunately things must change 

I'll miss your coffee and cream skin
I find it hard to fathom you with other men
But if one other than I can make you happy
For you I'm happy then

Because after the years we've spent together
More bad times then good 
If I could take back the times I made you cry 
Believe me I would

I can't say I think we belong together
But I'll forever be your friend
I would do anything for love
The only thing I won't do for love
Is love again

Love Again by Hakimthatitsinglesolonomonoless

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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