I Hear You Calling...Part II

by Hakim

Then here comes you 
From my Starboard view
When once I thought I couldn't--I now continue 
I like what I feel 
I appreciate the change in venue 
only one main course now on my menu
The others were a prelude before you 
And I haven't veered my course--Since YOU
If I say I Love You, J. I meant to
You can't lose my presence even miles apart
Cause I'm in you
A permanent fixture
As eternal as a picture 
Once snapped, you simply can't go back
I have found the source to what my soul has lacked
You are my thought process, I am how you counteract 
Not opinion, this is indisputable facts
I know I said nothings promised to you but death and tax
But I want you to promise to me you'll never believe that 
I'm a coward, like a dog licking his wounds
I am a perishable item on your shelf 
Waiting to be consumed
Got a coupon 
Let's move-on
I have dreams of jumping the broom 
No more dark nights alone in my room 
I cry for you 
God Dammit I'd DIE for You!
I'll whisper "lemme smoke you out"
To get a rise in you 
Love and Hate a thin line divides the two 
Here Love, I'll provide a clue 
What's six feet, a huned-n-ninedee and can't be moved?
The answer...
The other half of you...

I Hear You Calling...Part II by Hakim

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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