I Hear You Calling...Part I

by Hakim

I have the memory of different scents
Being consumed in dozens of wombs 
playing Russian roulette, first prize a cozy tomb 
Some I would just lay with, laugh with 
Some I thought I could take that eternal path wit
Some were like mathematics 
Take the good with the bad and subtract it 
Potential--well, some lack it 
And I'm sure to some I did the same 
We all smiled upside down--playing the game 
Wishing inside this person meant more
Some had me like Large Pro
"Looking at the front door..." 
An emotional war 
In the end death is desensitization
In the end there's nothing left
But good friends and long conversations
I abstained once
wasn't fond of masturbation
But I felt like I had to clean out my soul 
Make room in my fox hole
One in the hand 
Is better than two in the bush 
I've been told
I've held gold 
And the next tainted coin that passed
To the highest bidder it was sold 
I let go 
Scare to hold
Scare of being alone--when I'm old
Scare to death of falling in love, 10 fold
So like subdivision I stand beside my self
And asked me 
What is it you really want?
I ignored my questions
And continue the hunt 
Dick getting sucked dry, fuck used cunts
Laid all night 
Remy Red and freshly rolled blunts
I bump into an ex
Who propositioned me to swing an ep 
I looked at shorty, said nice to see you, Stay up 
then I stepped 
I remember once I would have took her up on her proposition
Lay her out wet, breast covered in hot body oil glistening 
Exploring orifices with taste, touch, smell and vision
Karma Sutra, Fung Shia, compromising positions
I have revamped my motive of operandi 
updated my mission
I've grown a little older
I've gained some valuable wisdom 
I often sit in the dark 
Remember ends, where they start then stopped
I feel God inside of me now
I suppose its time to play the part

I Hear You Calling...Part I by Hakim

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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