Guilty On All Counts...

by Hakim

I’m clouded 
A Board of Adjudicators contingent on conscious effort decides My Thoughts
I have been accused of constrained awareness,
my flesh seems alienated from my soul who’s at loft
My arms wield a pen like X-caliber
until the muscles and tendons in my digits go soft

My charges:
Two counts of being Judgmental 
One count of being out-rightly Disparaging
One count of Condemnatory of a Loved one
Three counts Disapproving notions disguised as “Honesty” 
And one count of Hypercritical Angst in the First Degree 
My eyes dilate. If not from tears, what then? I ask you, what then?

The Board has voted!
The Board has voted!
“Here ye, Here ye please come to order!” 
My throat is parched, I sip on my glass of abstracted water
In this case I ponder if it is half full or not
“Guilty! He’s Guilty! You shall be sentenced to live!”
Sometimes life is a harsher reprimand than bereavement of ones mind
from ones corporeal 

Dreams are like photosynthesis 
They recreate themselves A-sexually, but change the emphasis
Becoming Nightmares 
Instead of a period at the end of sentences,
it becomes incased in parenthesis 
At times what seems so subtle altercates 
And in effect alter fates 
Do you have salt to shake? 
It almost always changes the taste
That is, of course, if you are one whom prefers change 
Often times those who are complacent in the face of change
will indeed become irate

I broke two mirrors once. One bigger than the other.
Is bad luck then calculated in square inches? 
If then seven years past, times the square root
If so...
I know I have a way to go, I was never any good at math
I burn each virtue like Misumaa Saba candles
I am the Black, lit first to burn eternally 
I see around me the struggle
From within comes prosperity 
For without struggle I cannot prosper 
And without opulence I can no longer dream

Judge me if you will 
Sentence me to life 
But know this 
The Supreme Court of Consciousness
in the Third District of the Special Term of One Self 
Where you are as innocent as you know you are guilty
As surely as I now accept my fate 
So shall you.
All Rise 
Court is in session.

Guilty On All Counts... by Hakim

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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