Gorillas In A Shift

by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

We start by observing the creature in its natural habitat. It drops its primal eyes as not to make contact with us. We watch it instinctually pace back and forth, obviously marking its territory. We slowly approach with items in hand as the Blue Yellow Badge Back realizes our presence and retreats in the opposite direction, hoping he goes unnoticed into the retail jungle.

We continue on our mission of gathering survival goods and other accessories and suddenly a Gorilla appears in a shift . He is looking quickly then glancing away. Little beady black eyes darting nervously like two horse flies surveying a pound of fresh bovine squalor.

However, this one seems curious but does not approach us. Rather he stands still, swaying one arm back and forth. It's hairy ape like fingers clutching a brown smooth piece of wood. The object appears a little too advanced for the Neanderthal. "He must have found it somewhere." Says one of the explorers accompanying me on this expedition. This time we approached from a right angle with heads hung low, so our advancement doesn't seem hostile. But, the burly creature seems anxious and turns quickly at a 90-degree angle and cautiously backs away.

We progress on our excursion no longer intrigued by the sullen beast and return to our quest of gathering goods. The navigator notices one of the Yellow Badge Backs at the end of the isle. We remember we first spotted him earlier, pacing relentlessly. Now the monster stands still. Frightening! I pivot, shift my weight and spin, a co-wanderer yells, "Oh my God!" As she spots another at the far end of the isle. We are blocked off, trapped like a rat in a trap. "Don't panic! Stay calm, don't panic!" I say hastily. "They smell fear, if you sent it they sense it."

Two more join the first, then three at the other end. We are now surrounded they approach tumultuously. The beasts totally converge on my party. "What's in the bag?" It growls. "It speaks, it speaks!" One of the explorers shouts. She continues, "But, if it touches me I'll sue!"

I wonder to myself if they like bananas.

Gorillas In A Shift by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

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