And We All Fall Down

by Hakim

I’m a skeptic till the death of it 
Prophets prediction’ is rhetoric 
Its like predictin’ the weather with 
A lick of the thumb 
Towers falling 
Makin’ me numb 
People fallin’ 60 stories
For mercy  
Is this Kingdom come? 
I’m thinking one 
But thoughts get me aggy 
I need room to breath so I wear my jeans baggy 
Shoes untied 
Fuck it, so if we die 
They can toe tag me 
Bag me 
What the hell is the world coming to? 
I can’t believe it all ends over 
Ideals and false truths 
Too late to call a soft truce 
I seen pictures of crossed troop 
Marching left to right 
Cloudin’ my sight 
Tears that I might not get to see my little girl grow up right 
Fears that I might not make it through tonight 
What were they thinking the day they took that flight? 
They hit it hard once 
They hit it hard twice 
Can’t hit it Thrice 
‘Cause the Twins did tumble 
It was an eerie silence in the air 
As I watched the twins crumble 
Something about the fall making me humble 
Heard a voice mumble 
Is this the beginning of the end? 
If so, I hope that all men and women make amends 
Tell your family you love them every chance you get 
Stop and smile and shake hands with your friends 
How do we make it through this dire straight 
If the road never bends? 
So now I bow and pray 
Some how we’re all hypocrites 
Please don’t let my baby suffer 
If it must end… 
Let it be swift…

And We All Fall Down by Hakim

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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