An Emcees Testimony

by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

An emcees testimony
I freestyle sicker than the black plague
Sicker than grade a cocaine/ at an na parade
Sicker than the next wave of aids
When you stick your d--ck in an infected cl-t
And the sh-t explode in flame
Sicker than Ghandi on that diet sh-t
To rebel against the British and their wicked politics
I'm sicker than the devil at a soul convention
Lookin' for souls that want redemption
Sicker than a Klux lynchin'
Sicker than Jordan in the fourth quarter
Sicker than cyanide in cold water
On a hot summer day
When the reservoirs exhausted/ all other liquids are accosted
And you lookin' at that last glass all nice and frosted
Of course this emcee is sicker than three sixes
Sicker than cake mixes with razor blades mixed in
Sicker than porno flicks with chicks at age ten
With convicted felons/ jerkin' their d-cks all over them
Sicker than the priest whom molested these men
And lead them down the path where only the sickest can sin
Is that sick enough for you/ aight then!
If not so/ I'm sicker than Annie murderin' the whole household
Singin'- tomorrow/ tomorrow/ I love ya tomorrow
If you forgot my point
I freestyle the sickest
Wickedest emcee
Ridiculous to think you're me!

An Emcees Testimony by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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