by Hakim

I feel so left alone, I wish I could stop the dreams
I sleep and there SHE is again 
Smiling, looking happy 
Happy without me 
Happy knowing I'm not a part of her life 
I hear her talking
I hear her laughter 
I see her gaze 
Why did I let this person do this to me? 
Why did I allow myself to have this done? 
No fault of her own, she was finished with me and she moved on 
She took my identity 
I let her become my identity 
I should have stayed in me 
Instead I let her be why I was 
I let her be why I would be 
And now that I will be without her 
I find myself not knowing 
And I wish I could find me again 
I wish I could be new 
I wish I hadn't given so much 
I wish I kept some for me 
I wish I was able to sleep 
And when I wake up in my dreams 
I wish to see darkness 
I wish I am alone 
I wish there is no her 
I wish there never was 
I've begun to tell myself 
There never was. 
And when I fall asleep in my dreams
And I wake in my dream of dreams 
She is there 
Imbedded within the very thread of who I was 
Or who I am?
And who I am now without HER  
Is my only question 
I wish I could forget her name 
I wish I remember again who to be 
Who I am without her.

Eccentricity by Hakim

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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