God Didn't Color Out of the Lines...

by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

God didn't color out of the lines...
It was a magnificent lucid day on the north shore of the white sand island. Pallid sunlight glistened off of the crystalline calm water making beautiful diamond shapes run across the surface of the snowy bubbling tide slowly washing ashore.

I stood in the tide, the ever transparent warm water rose to about my mid thigh as I watched exotic kaleidoscopic native sea life avoid my dark skinned bare feet. Even the pebbles looked exotic, and I'm sure they were just simple every day peddles to the Islanders that enjoyed this perpetual paradise every day. A few small clouds passed over head making huge shadows that swam across the ocean. The hot sun was beaming across the boundless horizon.

There were a few couples around but so far off I seemed and felt secluded alone and at peace with myself. Or at least I thought. In the mist of the bright sunlight appeared almost like a mirage a beautiful creature. Everything seemed to slow down as if some dramatic cenimatized scene was about to take place in a distance tropical love story.

She slowly approached in my direction, her walk reminded me of a supermodel showing off the latest Paris spring fashion. I watched her feet bury in the white silken sand a shiny silver toe ring glistened in the light of the Earth's burning star. The heat the star emitted made me think it had move a few dozen light years closer to "Turtle Island". Her complexion was some sort of crimson bronze, even spread. God didn't color out of the lines on this Nubian beach Goddess.

Her skin had the radiance of a rear hand woven satiny cloth. The fresh coat of sun lotion she had just put on gave her skin a motion separate from her own. She sported a slick silvery one piece bathing suit, on the left side the designer of the sexy beach lingerie put a strategically place hole. Not too revealing, but just enough to show a glimpse of the bottom of her more than ample bosom.

The bathing suit was cut high in the hip but she wore a linen sash, leaving tender morsel thoughts for the brain to roll over and beg for. Her face was stunning, she wore silver eye liner that illuminated her eyes. The delicate blend perfectly matched her bathing suit. Her lips were full and wet, her somewhat sharp jaw line traveled up to her jet-black hair. Her hair was cut short very exquisite, unusual, slicked back, wet and lustrous. She had the seductive bedroom eyes, that glared beguilingly in my direction. Her lids squinted, revealing the hidden mysteries of an erotic utopia. My feet heated up the clear water, I could have sworn it started to boil, when she...


God Didn't Color Out of the Lines... by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

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