Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Show

by Hakim

I'm talented JUST enough to gain notice
But I struggle with affirmations and tend to lose focus 
Like--The gun that shot my people-Erepo-dead-lock behind his seatbelt 
Fully loaded 
Like, where did your talent come from? 
Dumb, some inquisitions 
Like that that fight that four beat my black ass down 
But I lumped one 
You probably like, "Where's he going with this?" 
Like the back of my father's fist that crossed my jaw so hard
I still hear the snap of his thick wrist 
Whose talented sh*t is this? 
Not mine, and that's fine 
Like when I take Quervo shots with my home slice 
Salt, slice of lime
I wish I had that spark like P. Diddy 
Dude rhyme real sh*tty…let's be real-itty 
But on a bad day, sun worth like One Fitty 
No silly, not dollah dollah billi, I mean milli
And that ICKA Jigga, can boast the same figure 
I'm not hating but it's frustratin' to be just ANOTHER 
And look who 
I do 
Give honorable mention to
When I couldn't fathom the talent or E.A. POE 
See. They. Show. 
U-US only what they think we should know 
It's like make the negroes think they got a hand in the industry 
When "We just need them INTHESTREET to bring in more urban revenue for me!" 
Laughing maniacally 
Giants financially 
And Me, unsubstantially
The man I should be
So please don't compliment me
'Cause all I got is shade for your accolades 
If it was up to me I'd be paid
Or would I 
Like when and hour is lost in Autumn 
And the sun dies 
Funny how I see my so-called talent 
Though my skeptical and ethnically placed eyes…

Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Show by Hakim

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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