That Ain't Right...That Ain't Right

by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

That ain't right...
That ain't right.

I saw her and I got that hot feeling around my ears
I'm deep dark brown so it's hard to tell when I'm flustered
But my face heated up, air came in short breathes
More hip than that HMO
Figure 8 was the only number that came to mind
A pleasing shape
I was sitting down on the D train
She sat in front of me and glanced in my direction
I know y'all like all men are like that
Name us all Gorge Clinton
Cause we MUST chase the cat
Me? Tru indeed
But in this case
Correct bookcover but wrong read
You got the scoop Sherlock but different lead
Right rooster baby but wrong chicken feed
I tell you, she was unusually striking,
and so strike me cuz I'm hard to please
Some say even picky
I felt inadequate
In a laconic way
If I tried to utter a line it would have been brief I must say
I was insufficient next to her magnificence
From the strut when she entered the door
to her poise when she sits
I felt incompetent from her gaze at her James Allen book
As she soaked up philosophy
And nourished her intelligence
I felt imperfect as I looked at her toned legs
and then ran my hand up my belly
That could use a little work on the six pack
that I lazily neglect to get back
She was mahogany
Short hair all black and curly
High cheekbones, slanted sugar brown bedroom eyes
Studious in here SchoolTeacher, docents look
I was merely a neophyte in her presence
I wondered what she did at night
Curl up on her couch in Park Slopes in Brooklyn
And read with her tee-shirt and panties on
Screening here calls through her answering machine
Cause niggas been calling all night
"Boring me with the same ol' Yin Yang, it seems."
Sipping White Zinfandel,
this exotic luscious chocolate coated Belle
I couldn't compete
I top out at 40 a year
She probably needs a six-figure nigga
With V-12 engines and time shares
She got up when we arrived at West 4th Street in the Village
I said, "You're very beautiful."
She said thank you and smiled
My eyes opened wide
That ain't right!!!
Her teeth were JACKED UP!
She looked like she rolled tar and smoked it all night
Lips were mad at the teeth
And her tongue had nothing to say
She got off, I said "Peace Shortay."
That ain't right...
That ain't right.

That Ain't Right...That Ain't Right by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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