My Electronic Achilles' Heel

by Hakim

I get strength from an electronic source
Typing digits into words 
trying to get all up in her sauce
She tells me things 
That makes me swear we met before
I've wiped her digitalis tears
As we share stories of triumph and remorse

I share, maybe because I can't see her eyes
Facial expressions, body language 
Things that Just can't lie
I can't feel her touch 
Separated by miles of azure skies
But connected in an instance
And suddenly I realize

That she wants to understands me
Maybe, things that I can't hide
As I sat up late last night 
Thinking of our conversations
And this cordless relationship's demise

You see,
I have a talent for destroying things that seem
So close in hindsight, but in present time I can't redeem
I thought just last night
"Imma cut it clean!"
And pass her off as nothing More than illusion
Something made up in dreams

But she's real, so she says
My fiber optic Achilles' heel
Who cuts her sentences short
With a dot-dot-dot 
Implying in time she might reveal

"Why would I leave you?"
I smile at something she would say
And I felt her lack of presence 
When she didn't call today
I concentrated on Hakim
And what makes him act this way
But I denied an answer to my self
A strategist's delay

I turned closer to thirty 
Then I ever thought I would 
And felt a sense of urgency
And complained all I could
SH E listened, we argued
She advised, I found release
I felt her smile when we made amends
Then with a "R U There?"
Our conversation ceased 

As quickly as she had came
As quickly as my beauty was gone
I waited at my office desk all day
For her to log back on

And then it came to me 
Sometimes its what you sense
Rather than what you feel
And even though she never showed 
I got Strength to spear
From my 
Electronic Achilles' heel

My Electronic Achilles' Heel by Hakim

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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