Three Knockdown Rule Applies

by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

"Until thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent
accomplishment." -- James Allen

I'm not going to preach, because that's what I don't do
But I feel it's important you know what I believe
We've all heard the aphorism
"They themselves are the makers of themselves."

If that is true I look at my people and
I look at myself and question what have we become
What have we made ourselves become?
Are we leaders?
Although, I am sure you will agree
we are followers more so than leaders
We have not yet made that link between thought and purpose
Very few of us have.
And the very few are gone from this plain of existence

In my eyes we are a group of people whom for hundreds of years
Relied solely on vicissitude and dumb luck
I will not generalize
I'll speak on myself
Because that is another thing we know how to do well
Criticize and ridicule one another instead of examining ourselves
The perpetual game of "Dozens"
And until I know me
How will I expect to learn others?
I am resilient in the face of adversity
But passive aggressive in the pursuit of prosperity
I am a gallant leader as long as I know what I'm doing
And contemptible when I must be taught what I don't wish to learn
I am a paradox
Not yet in harmony with my soul and physical being
I will not ingest flesh of another living creature
I will not seek nourishment by drinking the milk or eating the whey of
another living creature
I will only eat fruits, grains and vegetation from the earth's soil
But yet I poison my system and corrupt my lungs by smoking New Ports
And drink alcoholic beverage
Sometimes until my body violently rejects it
I am righteous as long as I am right
I am innocent if no one knows my sins
I am spiritual as long as my beliefs are popular
I am argumentative when I should just listen
I hear what I want to hear
And remember in a convenient selective fashion
I am faithful
But scared to trust
My faith then becomes a burden
So I am vengeful
And vengeance is yielding to sinful lust
I know what I want
But I become frightened in my quest
I am a breathing antilogy
I am in constant conflict
Thought v. Purpose
The Three Knockdown Rule Applies
"If I say Purpose
Thought I want you to retreat and return to your corner
If I say Thought
Purpose you do the same
At no time are you to be harmonious with one another"
Because then the fight gets boring
"And I have to call a No Contest."
Touch Gloves, Return to your corners and come out fighting
A Mind, Body and Soul Production Present the fight of Mankind

Three Knockdown Rule Applies by hakim#1thatitsinglesolonomorenoless

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