by Hafeezah

She's a model alright.
A model of how NOT to be.
Her skin is chocolate brown,
but her eyes are forest green.
I seen her on the t.v. screen,
showcasing her plastic surgery.
She thougt she looked mo' beautiful,
but she looked much worse to me...
(I guess she was trying to look like Barbie)
Her nose used to be broad. Now,
it's pinched up several degrees.
Her favorite wig is platinum blonde; it
blows in the breeze w/ ease. yeah.
She's a model alright.
Of self-hate and low self esteem.
She's an IGNORANT man's dream,
'cause 90% of her physical appearance
ain't even what it seems...
Her face be caked up w/ make-up.
She's ashamed of how she looks when she wakes up/
she takes up the habits of her white 
What's left of her heart is a shell, and 
you can tell.
She thinks she looks fat, but
she's really just thick.
She's starting to get sick,
and anorexic/but her manager is slick-
he tells her she looks great
and she should lose even more weight
so being brainwashed and fake, 
she agreed
and thus sealed her fate:


She was black on the outside, 
but her insides were pale.
She put her soul for sale and 
all she got in return
was a third degree burn
from a lesson she didn't learn/and when you
sell your whole self
for a world that's transitory,
you'll live the exact same story...

Supermodel by Hafeezah

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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