Yes, I Will

by Purrfitfit

Now will
now that i am here
you haven't changed your mind have you?

I am here
strawberry sweet dipped honey
dressing masquerade
hides my charade

Lady G. must I always be ?

Say,when it's my turn 
can i have some 
promise please
pin me down
turn me around, upside down
make me listen
to your body calling
tell me, in hurried tales
of how you know
what makes me, takes me high
soar me through your sky
im yours
sweet honey on the rocks
a gentleman's drink...delight.

You smile
curious?  c'mon
we'll cross together

i dip...lip my hips from your embrace
watch me
merengue...cha-cha awwwwwwwwww, soca
mambo, carambaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
warrior drum beats pounding in my head
i prance, stomp my feet
lazily i fall beneath your breath
gather my scent
sweet African prince
i feel
our cry
joined deep in each other's eyes

tempo drift...slowly i caress
my vapored bosom
warmly across your shell
nipples peaked
frictioning a new kind of heat
hands slide...glide
such a sweet delicious ride
legs automatically encase
around your waist
pivot thrush
my head falls...laughingly
as we slowly cascade to the floor
mmmm took you no time to knock lightly
at my hooded haven's door
my dem dere under the delta lips greet
with such a juicey smile
they kiss
invitation gladly accepted
the slow heal's about to begin
come on brotha
deep within.

Yes, I Will by Purrfitfit

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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