Love Lock

by G. White

I remember
that night
he slid across
my shining body
deep in heat
so sweet
in the sweat of the moonlight


Our bodies danced
locked in motions
embraced by loves potion
racing against time
tumbling into the sublime
of torrents beating upon our shores
My body begged
to be swept to his ocean door

down ...I wanted more

I felt his lip
kiss the tips
slide and dive
that man made me ride
his poetic words
His name, I cried

we flipped the script

I took him
inch by inch
inch by inch by inch
inch by inch by inch

my turn

My contractions gripped
his tip
raced to hold him tight
my love swallowed him whole
he tried to fight
the ecstasy
but we were captured by the rhapsody
I couldn't let go
I rode...
I climbed and climbed
our temperatures rose
driving us wild
in the heat of this fete
locked eyes hungrily weeped
heaven scent
loved spent...

he would not leave
the temple
of our togetherness
until he was sure
he released again
his love essentials
giving new life
to who we are
two souls as one.

Love Lock by G. White

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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